Socks Incorporated

A screenshot of the Socks Inc website developed by Setaris.

Usability Refinement

Awkward Hug came to us with a great game design, with artwork included. We helped refine the design with standard usability practices to help users get the most fun out of their experience.

Strategic Collaboration

When Awkward Hug was unsure of which features to add next, we held regular meetings to clearly lay out the costs and benefits for implementing each idea, so that they could make the most informed decision.

Technical Prowess

Our engineering team took Awkward Hug’s concept & graphics and turned it into a fully-functioning web environment for thousands of players. Socks Inc. features the latest and most sophisticated web technologies implemented in just the right way.


A screenshot from the ResourceVillage website developed by Setaris.

Clean UX design

A simple, clear interface lets users discover the web and desktop resources that users are most likely to use and like, fast.

Auto-Detection via Java

We created a Java applet that painlessly scans a user’s computer and matches applications they have installed with those in the ResourceVillage database, to help users fill out their profiles with applications they use.

Recommendation Engine

Based on simple questions and previous ratings, we designed a complex system to suggest applications uniquely suited to each user.

iPad Magazine Creator

A screenshot of the Parallax iPad app built using the iPad Magazine Builder framework by Setaris.

A Full Magazine Platform

Lots of people want to get their content onto the iPad, but it’s not exactly easy. With the iPad Magazine Creator we built, it’s easier than ever.


We created a special markup language called MCML for slideshows and videos. Just a few lines of code turns a series of pictures into a native slideshow experience tailored for the iPad.

Experience Matters

We keep tabs on the latest technologies, and the differences between them. We made sure that the interactions like page flips, slideshows, and video playback worked as users might expect them to work, even on a new tablet platform like the iPad.

Theia Lens Calculator

A screen from the Lens Calculator iPhone App developed by Setaris.

The Perfect Sales Tool

Lens Calculator allows salespeople, or anyone else, to try out different lenses used in security camera systems. The app shows you exactly what you’d see with a whole range of CCTV setups.

Thinking Different

Theia came to us having already made Android and Flash versions of their app, but wanted our help with an iPhone version. We reconfigured the existing interface to make it work better for iPhone users and then built the app from the ground up.

Know Your Market

We helped Theia navigate the sometimes tricky area of the iOS App Store. With us, setting up their own storefront in the App Store was a breeze.

Trading System

A wireframe from a forex trading system being developed by Setaris.

Mountains of Data

We’ve been working on a system that processes a colossal amount of market data and lets users analyze it to inform market trading decisions. It essentially brings supercomputer power to your web browser.

Knowledge is Power

We designed a number of analysis tools with sophisticated controls to fine-tune the data, helping users find that needle in the stack of needles.