Hi, we’re Setaris.

We build technology businesses and the tools they run on.

A successful product combines engineering, design and marketing. We bring these elements together in a single package.

How we work

Every product requires a unique approach but we do have a few tried and true tools that we commonly make use of.

During this phase, we break down the concept and evaluate it against market demand. Once we have a good idea of where we’re headed, we take into account budgetary constraints and other limitations to arrive at the Minimum Viable Product – the smallest product we can deliver that will provide value to our clients and their customers.
How do you best present a completely new concept so that it makes sense? This is what we seek to answer in this phase. Upon completion, we have a series of storyboards (or wireframes) that help describe the interface, how it’s laid out and how a user might transition between pages.
It’s during this phase that we think about aesthetics. The visual elements that make up your website or iOS interface can have a substantial effect on the adoption of your product. We prefer to leave as little to chance as possible.
We work on projects in 1-2 week increments called iterations. After each iteration, we will show you what we’ve been up to and introduce you to any new features and interfaces.
Suzanne Paulinski
Thank you (again again again) for doing this in such a timely manner, being sensitive to our deadlines, and explaining everything as you went along. A tremendous weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
Suzanne Paulinski IXiiV Records
My entire mobile application product line suffered from a lack of QA and a solid development cycle after a couple of years of “cheaper” offshore developers. Setaris evaluated my company’s development cycle and got us completely straightened out. Since engaging Setaris, sales have doubled, trouble tickets have been cut in half and my company is more profitable. Setaris was definitely the right choice.
Steve Maher, President Data Makes the Difference, LLC