A Day in the Life of Setaris

One of the funny things about working for Setaris is that we all have quirky things hiding in our backgrounds. Sure, most of Setaris has a background of some sort in tech, whether it’s in coding or UX. I, however, have probably the least technical knowledge of anyone on the team (although I still manage well enough). And while Josh has degrees in Electrical Engineering, he spends more time on the management and vision of Setaris these days than he does on crazy coding projects.

This diversity makes for a pretty neat work environment. For one, it forces us all to find some common ground with each other–jokes about llamas and hipsters run abundant. For another thing, it results in some very interesting ideas and perspectives coming from all corners, like Josh’s most recent write-up on How to be Perfect: A Step-by-Step Guide.

I bring this post up because it’s operationally relevant, and it details a practice I think anyone can find useful. Take, for example, some of Setaris’s internal projects, like Operations or Marketing. While we don’t necessarily follow this process to a T, we still use a framework somewhat similar to what Josh describes to help run these projects. We try to schedule things in a minimum of half-hour blocks, for example, so that even if planning meetings or certain tasks take less than that, the rest of that half hour can still be dedicated to productivity. And of course, we utilize metrics (even if they’re as simple as “Done” or “Not Done”, meaning a feature is bug-free and in production) as much as we possibly can.

These sorts of operational ideas turn out to work very well for us, and so I think they’re definitely worth sharing. Without some of these practices, for instance, Setaris meetings might turn into hour-long discussions that run off on tangents like minute features that would be beneficial to work on, and that inevitably boil down to “I hate our project tracking system”, or “Oh, Skype, why are you so terrible to us”, or only result in a little bit of headway on that thing that we were supposed to be planning or working on in the first place. So instead, we try to keep these practices in mind, especially the last one. Because, at Setaris, we definitely love to have fun!

Breanna Perry

Breanna has spent her entire life organizing pretty much everything she comes across--her room, her desk, schedules, events, other peoples' lists--and now she does the same for Setaris as a Project Manager. She's the self-proclaimed Queen of Email, loves lists, and has a fondness for neatness. Of course, she's also responsible for most of the giggles during any given Setaris meeting.

When she's not lining papers up so their edges match, Breanna spends her time finishing up her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and coordinating swing dance events. She also dances and likes to dress up, and is happy to scope out vintage shops with good company!

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