A successful piece of technology combines effective design and precise engineering with solid business strategy. Our architects pride themselves on their understanding of the technology market and will assist you through the whole process.


The way your website or iPhone app looks and feels plays a tremendous role in its success. Let our user experience and graphic designers help you to create interfaces that are simple, beautiful and functionally elegant.


Need to integrate your website with Facebook? Want your WordPress site to link up with your Mailchimp newsletter? Is geo-location the way to bring your iPhone app to the next level? The software engineers at Setaris will make it happen.

A little more about us.

We build technology businesses and the tools they run on. A successful product combines engineering, design, and marketing; so we bring these elements together in a single package. We start by focusing on the big pictures goals for the project, then we build out an initial prototype to test the waters, then we leverage user feedback to adapt until we've built exactly what you're looking for.